Monday, July 02, 2007

Random Happenings.

We still don't have our computer back but one of Micah's co-workers has graciously been letting us use his laptop for the past little while. Happy day. I decided I would just load a bunch of our recent pictures onto his computer so I could have some visuals for a new blog entry and then erase them from his computer later. He will never know.
Without further fanfare here are some random events from the Bauer household over the past little while.

We went camping about an hour from here with some friends. We had a really good time and brought way, way, way too much stuff. However we were well prepared. The kids had a really good time. They slept well, we didn't. We saw squirrels, tonnes of snakes, spiders, a deer and we had raccoons for visitors although we never saw them.

Henri and his friend Ben. I love this picture because Ben has his hand down his pants and Henri has mismatched shoes and his pants are falling off. Funny little boys.

Harriett taking in the beauty.

The beauty!

Dad helping Harriett cast the rod or whatever it is called. I am pretty much fishingtarded.

And so is Henri!

Micah's parents came through for a quick visit a little while ago. They played a little Wii boxing. Leslie got into it. It was fun to watch them play even though Steven pretended he wasn't enjoying himself. I know he was.

Henri having a roll in the dirt. As you can see he had a good time helping build the pile.

Henri enjoying the free transportation.

I joined a recreational soccer league. It is so much fun. We are good (for a recreational soccer team anyway) and that probably makes it all the more fun. I had Micah take some cheesy soccer pictures. There were actually much cheesier pictures than this but I am just too embarrassed.

This is our friend Matt Deford. He is building a raft and planning on traveling 32 miles down a river in Louisiana. He is waiting till spring so there aren't so many mosquito's and the alligators aren't out in full force. We love Matt.


Natalie said...

Bess I love that you joined a soccer league and even more that you took pictures. SOmeday you will love those pictures. Your kids are so beautiful!

Mom West said...

I love the cheesy soccor picture. You are so cute in your uniform. I love you all.

Anonymous said...

When did Henri get leggy???

CUTE kids!

Anonymous said...

P.S. Bess, you are a total jock.

bevalicious said...

i want to see the soccer pics that you say are cheesier!! come on, bess! i think it is so great that you are on a soccer team!

Mom West said...

Love the uniform. But what's with your computer? I miss the blog updates. Have you considered getting another computer nerd to work on it?