Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Quick trip review and pics.

Our computer is finally back and I am back from my visit to Canada. It has taken a little while to get organized since being home. The trip was great. Amie (my sister) and I got on really well. We flew from Utah to New Hampshire and then drove to New Brunswick together. We decided we would do really well on The Amazing Race. It was so great to see most of my family and some old friends. The weather was FANTASTIC, meaning not 100 degrees everyday and the landscape was so green and lush. I am seriously considering moving back someday. I am not sure what Micah thinks of that prospect just yet though.

Lots of pictures in no particular order.

My old friend Kelly Folkins and her new baby Norah. I don't think I have ever seen a more glowing mother.

This is the house that I spent most of my childhood in.

Quite possibly the only not hideous picture ever taken of Sandy and me. We saw her and Derek in Boston.

This lobster was totally eyeing us.

My hot brother. If anyone has a hot sister or friend, he is available.

Me in Fundy National Park

Mom and dad just built a new house so they didn't have the indoor shower finished yet. This was a refreshing alternative.

Some great friends from high school and beyond. Maize, Tanis and Jan.

Lawn bowling balls. We always go lawn bowling as a family when we go to Fundy.

Mom and dad swinging together. I love this picture.

The siblings minus our sister Mary. It was fun being together. My sister Jenny (beside Ronnie) is also single and hot.

Mom and Dad.

Beautiful foggy coastal views.


Natalie said...

I love the pictures. I want to move there too! How fun that you all got to be together.

Jenny May said...

Thanks for the personal advertisement Bess!! I was for sure thinking when
you put my name "Jenny" you would
of course add the link to my own
blog, now that would have been
stepping it up to my personal PR
rep! Wish you guys had been able
to stay longer!

Micah said...

Link added.

Anonymous said...

Where are Harriett's Birthday pics? Get on this people!

Mom West said...

Welcome home

so said...

you rule
canadians are cool

so said...

you rule
canadians are cool