Monday, June 18, 2007

Quick Check-in

Still no computer at home. We've had a busy few of weeks.

Mary came to visit.

I went to Atlanta for a design conference.

And Bess and the kids are still cute.


sarah said...

I shouldn't look at your blog anymore. Every time I see how cute your kids are it depresses me. They're like tiny supermodels.

Anonymous said...

Mary looks great too! I hope you had a great time visiting with her. How old is she now? Last time I saw her she was a teenager so that's how I've been picturing her.

Micah said...

Whatever Sarah. Elliot is just as much a tiny supermodel. Plus you guys are way cooler parents.

The Richards in Canada said...

So Bess when do you come back to the Mother Land???

alysha said...

Hi Bess, Hi Micah, hi cute kids.
Of course I remember you. How could I forget Bev and Bess? You two just kinda went together, like you and Micah, only different of course.
Love your blog. I might just become an avid reader!