Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Yet another random picture post.

I have been pretty lame at updating lately. It seems that we have been traveling a lot and going here and there. Things are finally starting to settle down. Harriett starts grade one in less than three weeks. She will now be spending more time with kids and teachers at school each day than she does with me. It is a little intimidating. Anyway here are some pictures from Harriett's sixth birthday party and our trip to Wyoming to visit Micah's mom and dad. They live in a really beautiful part of Wyoming. (Maybe the only beautiful part of Wyoming from what we could see on our drive there!)
On to the pictures.

Harriett trying out the slip and slide at her birthday.

Me enjoying the slip and slide. (It was over 100 degrees that day.)

Happy birthday girl!

Notice the beautiful Wal-Mart PowerPuff Girl Cupcakes. This is what you end up with when you wait until the last minute to buy a yummy Dairy Queen ice cream cake.

Henri is wearing a beautiful necklace from my moms throw away jewelry collection. He reminds me of a 40 year old man from New Jersey.

Grandpa and the kids throwing rocks into Yellowstone Lake. There really isn't anything more fun than that.

The best shot I got of Old Faithful. Pretty sad!

The best shot of us as a family. Pretty sad!

Grandpa and Henri.

Harriett and Henri looking cute in Grandma and Grandpa's backyard.

Grandma taking the kids on the little trail in their backyard.

The view from their backyard.

Harriett enjoying the amenities of Grandma's bathroom.


The kids did really good on the horses.

We didn't get any pictures of Harriett on the horse. She rode with me and loved it. She especially loved it when I had the horse trot a little.


bevalicious said...

i love the pic of henry and the necklace and also the one of harriett w/ the cowboy hat and her hand on her hip!
your kids are the cutest things ever!
p.s. i miss you!

Mom West said...

Henri looks like Baby Brad Pit. This will not be good during puberty.

Anonymous said...

I think Henri looks like "Dealer #2" from a Miami Vice episode.

Laura said...

bess, you are the coolest mom. you can make a horse trot AND you do the slip n slide. impressive!

Jenny May said...

I miss those kids.
I can't wait to come and see them
soon. Impressive on the slip and
slide Bess. I still don't think
after all these years I have figured
out how to be brave enough to take
a run for it.