Friday, June 01, 2007

No Computer - New Computer

In case anyone is wondering why Bess has been so antisocial lately it's because our computer has been in the shop for over a week now. So she has no access to the internet for the time being.

Basically, our computer has been running super slow ever since we got it (see illustration above). If you are wondering what is up with our computer here is the story:


After two years of complaining about our computer not being able to take any extra RAM (I've been running 512mb of RAM on our Dual 2.5gh G5) we finally took it into the shop to find out that the Logic Board need to be replaced. LUCKILY we talked Apple into supplying the $900 part and we would just pay labor. UNLUCKILY once the Logic Board was replaced the shop found that the Processor was also bad. LUCKILY it was also covered by Apple. UNLUCKILY, however, Apple didn't have any in stock, so we are waiting on the new part still.

LUCKILY, if we ever get our computer back we will be able to add 2gb of RAM to it and that coupled with the new Logic Board and Processor we will have a super speedy computer that (in my imagination) will look something like this:


Anonymous said...

What did you name the hampster?

Micah said...


Mom West said...

How much longer until the computer guys get back to you? Oh--I suppose you can't answer this one without a computer. (Rhetorical remark.)

Anonymous said...


Hey, this is Aaron Zambrana....first timer on the face book thing. I am so behind the times!!! It's funny you like that mac pro quad core duo...cause that's one I have. I LOVE it. Yeah, the only hobby I can really call a hobby is video editing on final cut pro.....using it for work a lot with training videos. But then I found out how much fun it is to do personal stuff....just like old times making bmx vids. Love it love it love it. Nice face book blog, man. Your kids and bess are looking great.....and you too. My waistline looks a lot like yours. Just more to love! My dad saw your dad in the Fresno temple the other day. Cool Stuff. Call me sometime!!!! I'd love to catch up with you and see how things are going.

Talk to you soon, hopefully! email your number and I'll call you. or call me at 916-705-0975.