Thursday, January 04, 2007

Post Holiday Wrap up

The holidays were fantastic. Nothing beats a holiday that includes snow, food, family, presents, friends and more food.

Harriett enjoying a great snow fall. She loves playing outside in the cold. It must be the Canadian side of her showing through.

Henri is wearing a t-shirt that Derek and Sandy made for him. He loves the water gun that he has in his hands. Somehow he knows to make shooting noises with it. Not something he learned from me.

Temple square in Salt Lake City. We went with Micah's mom and dad. It had just snowed and it was beautiful. Harriett wore herself out running around and looking at everything with Grandma.

Growing up we always did the fancy dinner on Christmas Eve. It is hard to tell but this was our fancy dinner. We have no fancy dinnerware so it looked pretty plain (the measuring cup as gravy boat adds to the Christmas ambiance don't you think?). We always had Christmas crackers growing up as well. There are always paper crowns in the crackers and you must wear them during the meal.

The tree on Christmas morning. There were never gifts under the tree until we woke up Christmas morning. It was always so exciting going out to the tree. I miss that part.

Henri. Not sure what to think.

Harriett waiting patiently.

A new bouncing horse from Grandma and Grandpa.


Anonymous said...

Your kids are so cute. I am glad you had such a nice Christmas. Henri is looking so much older! I love the gun shirt. I was always so against having toys guns or letting Zac play that way, but then at age 2 when he already knew how to make shooting sounds and would shoot me with baby carrots and his fingers, I just decided he was born knowing that and now we have all kinds of fake weapons. It must be a boy thing!

The Richards in Canada said...

How nice! Looks like we got almost the same horses for Christmas. Henri's shirt is great! They should sell those!
I can't believe how big Henri is!

Karen said...

hey bess, your chrismas seemed very festive and full of fun. we headed up north to good ol' calgary. 23 in a house for a week, lots of fun. talk to you soon.

Bess said...

Sounds like a crazy but fun time. I am jealous that you got to go home. I miss Canada.

Miss May said...

We missed you up here for the Holidays. It would have been nice to have children around excited and screaming opening gifts. It was enjoyable and thankfully Bud was home, but it is so different not having any children around. I think the whole getting together for Christmas this year is a great idea. I will start saving my pennies... oh wait I might have to start saving those for something else.. but I will make two jars.

My crown was unglued when I opened it.. very sad. Pat offered to give me his but I put on my "princess pink santa clause hat" instead. I need to post our Christmas photos.. I'm slackin'