Thursday, January 11, 2007

Harry news

There really isn't any news. Just a blog about Harriett and how cute she is.
I went to her first parent /teacher review today. I was a little nervous but all was good. Harriett's teacher had nothing but positive things to say and had lots of stories about funny things that Harriett has said over time. She is starting to read really well. It is amazing how fast she has picked it up. I like that kid.
The following is a picture of the 'flamingo' that Harriett made with some play-doh she got for Christmas. She was so excited to have pink and brown so she could make one. It might be the cutest thing she has ever produced. What a cutie.

This would be Harriett sleeping last night. She always kicks her blankets off. I guess she got cold so she cuddled with our giant stuffed aligator (or croc) Monty. It totally looks staged but that is really her sleeping. She looks so uncomfortable to me.

This is Harriett with her new hair cut. She and I were both tired of the daily hair combing so she got it cut. It is so much easier. It isn't the best picture but you can see her hair.


Natalie said...

Harriett is so cute! I love her haircut. I am seriously thinking about doing to Madison, but she keeps resisting when I talk to her about it. Isn't it wonderful to see your child reading? I just loved that part of kindergarten.

Noelle O said...

Harriet looks darling, don't you love the short hair! I looove your christmas traditions, I'd like to adopt some of the crowns and pop drinking.

Miss May said...

Harriett looks so cute with the haircut like that. You can tell her I showed her creation to a bunch of friends at work and they thought it was quite impressive and very creative. I miss those kids I need to come down sometime soon. I am hoping end of Feb or March.. which seems like forever away, but hopefully it will happen. It FINALLY snowed here..problem is, now it won't stop.

kelsey said...

I love the alligator "blanket."