Wednesday, December 06, 2006

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas

We put up our Christmas tree yesterday.
Growing up we always listened to Christmas music, ate potato chips, cracked open nuts and drank some pop as we decorated. (eating those tasty foods was a rare occurence in our house growing up so it was a very exciting part of the Christmas tradition.) Even though those tasty foods are not as rare as they should be in our house we brought on the junk, turned on some classic Christmas music and decorated away.
Harriett was very excited. She put on most of the ornaments by herself and did a great job. She was equally excited about having a bottle of cream soda. As any kid should be. Henri also had a great time but he was a little bit insane. If he didn't like the ornament that Micah handed him he would throw it on the ground and yell until he got the one he wanted or continue to yell when he didn't get any ornament at all. He did enjoy some lovely Christmas candy.
Here are a couple of pictures of my favourite Christmas ornaments. The first is an ornament Micah made when he was three. If you can't tell it is a piece of yarn stuck to a cardboard circle. It is so cute. The next is a pic of what I call a festive peanut man that Mom made many years ago and a paper snowman that I made when I was little. Sorry the pics are a little blurry.
I love Christmas.


Anonymous said...

I love Christmas also! I love that you have ornaments from when you where little. I have some like that too. My kids love to hear about them as I'm sure Harriett does too.
I love hearing about Henri. He sounds like a certain little boy around here.

Mom said...

I really enjoyed your Christmas tree tale Bess. Is the tree real? We have our charlie brown all picked out. It's amazing to see the circle of life continue.

Bess said...

Of course is it real! No offense to the fake tree people but I am not ready to give up the smell and imperfections of a real tree.

bill said...

bess, i love your stockings!

Bess said...

Micah's mom is the mastermind behind the stockings. I love them too.

bev said...

bess--i miss you! i'm sorry that you have been so sick. i hope you're feeling better. we definitely need to catch up sometime soon!

Anonymous said...

Bess, Did Micah ever tell you about the time he bought me an extra large bag of nacho cheese Doritos for Christmas?

Ah, to be a kid again... #