Friday, December 01, 2006

Gold Star

I realized today that it has been a month since we posted anything. There is good reason. I have been sick and Micah has been taking care of me. I am finally on the mend after two weeks of spending 18-20 hours a day in bed or in the bathroom. Micah had no time to post anything since he became Mom and Dad. He managed to keep the kids fed and clean and warm and still take care of me and he even managed to get some dishes done and a couple loads of laundry. (underwear won't wash itself) Micah deserves a gold star.
I am still not 100% but almost there. Even though Micah did a great job taking care of everything the house needs a little attention so I have been busy mending my body and cleaning the house.
Soon all will be back to normal and we will resume our very entertaining and informative blog.

1 comment:

Natalie said...

Yeah for good husbands like Micah. I have one of those too. :-) I hope you keep feeling better Bess.