Thursday, November 02, 2006

Tricking and Treating

You can't have a blog and not post pictures of your kids dressed up for Halloween. I think that is just the rule. Here they are. I shouldn't forget Micah. He was a good sport and dressed up like a lady bug with Harriett. Harriett thought it was great. So did I. Micah is not usually a Halloween dresser upper.
The first picture of Harriett is totally blown and and blurry but I love it anyway.
Harriett had a Halloween program at school with her kindergarten class. She was by far the cutest kid there. We could here her singing too. It was really fun to watch.


Natalie said...

What sweet little kids! Micah makes a good lady bug too. I am so happy you posted pictures because it is a rule that you have to.

julie and matt said...

We think Micah's beard goes well with his tutu. Good texture combination. :) And we want to know why we aren't in the "people we like" section. (if there was a way to do a mad face on here, that's what would be here. we're ticked.)

Bess said...

It is only people we like that have their own blogs. You should make one.
I like you a lot:)

Anonymous said...

I am glad to see the donuts are back. I am also glad to see Micah is man enough to wear a tutu... #

mightyj said...

So Micah, were you wearing a helmet so that it wouldn't hurt when the teenagers threw things at you?

Henry makes a good pirate. I bet pirates and toddlers kind of walk them same. "Yaargh, I've got scurvy!"

P.S. Julie and Matt, this is a mad face: >:(