Thursday, September 28, 2006


Harriett has been dabbling in photography. Check it out. She has a good knack for capturing the creepy don't you think.


Micah said...

Shouldn't you have titled this entry Creepy Creepy Photography.

The Richards in Canada said...

Impressive...I would've never guessed a 5 year old took them.

Anonymous said...

Dear Harriett,

I understand that when you are little the world can be a scary place, but please know that it is no where near as creepy as it seems to you right now.

Love, Leah

P.S. Tell your mommy and daddy to keep you away from Kubrick films in the future.

Anonymous said...

Shouldn't she be taking pictures of friends, puppies, and kitties instead of furniture?

Grandma West

Miss May said...

I must admit I was thinking.. wow.. these photos are a bit creepy. I though maybe Bess had the same nightmare I had about crazy dolls attacking me, but then I realized Harriett took them, and thought I better call Bess and see if maybe Harriett was having the dreams... that or your child has seen too many Tim Burton cartons :)