Thursday, September 21, 2006


I gave blood last night. It was my third time this year. It really isn't so bad. You should all try it if you can. They check your blood pressure and your iron levels. Think of it as getting a free mini physical and free treats at the end. The only payment is giving someone else the gift of life. (cue cheesy music) Really it is a good thing.


sandy said...

You are the Besst. I did that once a long time ago, and it was way less scary than I thought it would be. Thanks for inspiring me. You're the inspiration. Wanna have you near me. I wanna have you hear me sayin' one needs you more than I need you .. (are you teary yet?) Bess, I think it's only fair to all those young folks who want to be as cool and hip as you, that it be known that you are a closet Chicago fan.

Bess said...

I had a big smile on my face reading that
Sandy:) Every time I hear a Chicago tune I think back to the day we sang that lovely Chicago diddy together. Look away look away.

Miss May said...

Look at our family go. I donated blood just last week. Its only my second time but I now have a cool Blood Donor card which has my blood type on it. Lets face it I had no idea what my blood type was until I donated the first time.
I think I ate half a loaf of banana bread after. Bess are you of the "rare" blood type such as myself.. AB RH Positive. Oh.. and they even played music for us ... though no Chicago.. maybe I can make a request

Bess said...

Yep. I am AB+. Apparently it is a pretty cool blood type. Only 1 in 29 have it and we can receive any blood type if we ever need a transfusion. We rock.

Francine said...

I can't give blood so count yourself lucky. With the B12 deficiency they don't let me in the door.
Keep giving

Anonymous said...

I'm glad to see you give of yourself [ literally] its a great thing to do if you can I'm close to 40 donations is your blood same tyoe as mine AB RH POS its the second rarest blood good job Harriott's pictures are great love dad