Sunday, March 18, 2012

Theater Room 'Bauer Kid Style'

 I cleaned out the car yesterday so I ended up with all the car-seats inside the house.  The kids are loving it.  This is how they watched a movie today.  Harriett isn't usually in a booster seat but she got Henri's booster from Micah's car so she could be part of the fun.  This is probably as close as we will ever get to an actual theater room.

Popcorn and a movie.  Life is good.

In case you were wondering, two years of food and toy buildup under two car-seats is pretty disgusting.  No pictures.  Believe me, you wouldn't want to see.

Luxury reclined seating.

I came home yesterday to this.  Each book is rock to step on so Pink Power Ranger Puppy (Hazel) didn't have to step in the mud.

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JennyMay said...

I love it.. The books look familiar for sure... Though the reasons are different!