Monday, November 08, 2010


Let's just pretend we update our blog regularly.

Here are the kids at Halloween. We had a never ending Halloween weekend starting with watching Henri's kindergarten program, trick or treating at Micah's work, and trunk or treating on two different days. We didn't end up trick or treating around the neighbourhood because it was raining. The kids didn't really complain since they already had tonnes of candy.

Our little Candy Corn.

The cutest Jailbird ever.

Rock'n'Roll Henri. The battle axe shaped guitar was his idea.

Baby Harriett. She has been begging me for years for her very own pacifier. This was the only way I would let her have one. She was allowed to use it for Halloween and that was it. For some reason seeing Harriett with a pacifier totally creeped me out.


Anonymous said...

Hazel IS looking more and more like Harriett everyday. You weren't kidding!

JennyMay said...

I take it you made the candy corn outfit..
Can't believe how old Henri looks..
GREAT costume idea for sure..

And yes - lets pretend you update your blog often so your family far away always gets to see update and photos... yes, lets pretend!

Mom said...

it's great to see these pictures Bess. I think Henri takes after Uncle Ronnie don't you think?? ;-)
Very cute pictures.

Cindy said...

Adelle was a baby for Halloween last year too. I thought it was such an odd request but was glad the costume was easy to put together.