Friday, November 21, 2008

Two Short Stories and One Picture

The other day I went into Harriett's room and she was complaining that her bed was too crowded. Keep in mind that Harriett LIKES tons of stuff on her bed when she's sleeping. So it's interesting to see what she considers "too crowded."

The following is a complete record of the contents of Harriett's top bunk:
1 water cup with lid
1 flashlight
10 stuffed animals (of various sizes)
14 books
1 bean bag
1 cardboard Amazon box with 2 toy train bridges, 1 wooden block, 1 musical Santa toy, 1 Pez dispenser, 2 ring toys, 1 wooden hammer, 1 chopstick, 1 plastic lid, 1 harmonica & 2 Legos
1 bed pillow
1 round pillow
2 throw pillows
1 blue Lego
2 blankets
1 duvet
1 duvet cover (not on the duvet)
3 T-shirts
1 pair of pajama shorts
1 Kleenex box
1 CareBear in a (tiny) sleeping bag

The above picture is Henri, as he calls it, "dressed rock 'n roll."

This is a conversation that he and I had the other day:

Henri: I'm a bad guy.
Henri: (After a moment) Dad, you're a bad guy too.
Dad: Okay.
Henri: Sometimes we try to steal... and we can transformer into crocodiles.


sarah said...

i can't believe that harriett sleeps with that much crap in her bed. that's hilarious.

also, i don't know if it's new or not, but i like your new header. i would have pegged bess for something more canadian, though. like a maple bar.

jen said...

oh hilarious. would we ever laugh if it weren't for kids?
hey can you email me your contact info, address and phone so that we can try to hook up while we are there for the holidays?
and can you rope jannica into it? excited to see you all.

The Richards in Canada said...

Seriously aren't kids the best!
Love the banner picture! Especially the little timbit!

Anonymous said...

I agree that Micah is pretty bad when he transformers into a crocodile.

Anonymous said...

I did not see flour, salt, beans, or any other "staple" items in the inventory of Harriett's bed collection. Perhaps a talk is in order regarding the quality of items she is hoarding?

Mom West said...

I took an inventory of Leah's desk at about the same age. She had abandoned it because she couldn't open the drawers anymore. The inventory was very similar. Ya' think it could be genetic?

Wendy: aka MOMMY said...

Bess that sounds exactly like my girls and it drives me crazy. No matter how much I tell them to keep things off, they only pile on more. The crazy thing is they can sleep with it and it doesn't bother them.