Wednesday, April 02, 2008


Things are going surprisingly well here. So far the three kid adjustment hasn't been so bad. I think I was bracing for the worst possible experience so I think that helped. The kids have been really good and Hazel still sleeps a tonne so really nothing crazy going on. I am expecting it all to crash and burn any day now though. Hazel (or Hazie as she is really known as around these parts) has her 2 week appointment tomorrow. She doesn't seem to be chunking up all that much to me but we shall see. She still likes to be awake a lot at night but she is working on that. We love her to death, the kids can't get enough of her still.

Kind of a crazy picture of her but I love her mouth in it. Her hands never stay still. She doesn't like to be swaddled because she can't move her them.

Sleeping and foaming at the mouth. She has some seriously big lips. So cute.

This is what happens when the kids go unsupervised in the garage. Notice the lack of variety in our footwear. Converse and flip flops. Some day we will branch out.


Jenny May said...

Only a few more weeks before I get
to come see you all. It will have been almost a year which is a really
long time for me.... I'm just too
OK sort of creepy looking photo of Hazel...but I already adore every inch of her creepy cuteness.

Miss you guys

The Richards in Canada said...

So funny...that's what I would do if I had some spare time...line up shoes in the garage! Cute little baby!

alysha said...

so this is late, but congratulations!! she is beautiful, and Bess, if I looked like you did your last couple weeks of pregnancy, I would probably have at least 6 kids.

Jen said...

congratlations bauers! you two make beautiful babes! every once in awhile, leah fills me in and told me about your blog! so micah, does this make our kids ex-step second cousins?

CarrieAnne said...

I had noticed the shoe pentagram when I dropped Harriett off the other day. Tessa used to do that with rocks.