Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Quick catch up

When I get free time these days it seems I need to clean or sleep so that is what I have been doing. No time for witty blog entries for me. Here are a few pics of the kids.

Hazel turned a month old on Sunday. Who do you think she looks like? I still can't decide.

This is Hazel in her I'm thinking pose.....thinking she needs her mom to wash her greasy face.

Just chillin' on our filthy couch. You can see in this pic that she has long legs and toes. The exact opposite of Harriett when she was this age.

Harriett was throwing Hazel's stuffed animal Martha the hippo around and it landed sitting up and cute on our beautiful ceiling fan. She was so amazed. We were all amazed actually. How cute and chubby is that stuffed animal?

Henri finally got a haircut (happy Grampy?). Not the best looking picture of it but it does display Henri's camera ready smile.


Anonymous said...

Alright, I'll be the first to say it... your kids are HAMS. HAMS! Look at how they play to the camera!
You have some seriously cute kids. Thanks for the update, tired Bess, inspite of the lack of sleep.

Jenny May said...

I think in the picture on the couch that Hazel looks like Harriett..
I can't wait to get down there in
a month and see her and the rest of
the kids. I know I keep saying this
but I really miss their sweet little
Regardless of who she looks like, she is beautiful.

SandyKay said...

What a little doll. She is so seriously cute. I think she looks like Micah in the first pic, and Bess in the 3rd pic. Don't know about the second one. Thomas Edison?

I can't believe that hippo landed there. Isn't it nice when bizarre things happen on every-
day normal days?

Blue Cheese said...

I think Hazel looks like both the kids, and thus, both you and Micah. I can't believe Hazel is 1 month already!! I'll have to come over once I'm back from my conference/research trip in Austin. Yehaw!