Wednesday, January 16, 2008

On Repeat

Jeremy did his annual ”Best Albums of 2007“ post a few weeks back and as much as I would have liked to participate, I don't think I actually bought any albums last year. If I had, I doubt the albums would have been released in 2007. So instead I'm doing my own version which I'm just calling "On Repeat" which only includes songs that I couldn't get enough of this past year. And as a bonus treat, I'm posting the actual songs for download, so you can sample them as well (if you are interested). Enjoy.

No One's Gonna Love You by Band of Horses. I have to thank Jared Strain for introducing me to Band of Horses. This song and "Great Salt Lake" make me very interested in picking up an album of theirs.
Floating by Jape (Explicit lyrics warning!) This song I heard on the Etnies Grounded Video. I don't think you have to be watching BMX to enjoy the song, but in my case it doesn't hurt.

Wild Mountain Nation by Blitzen Trapper. This song was stuck in my head for a week, and I still don't hate it (Consider yourself warned).
Jesus the Mexican Boy by Iron and Wine. This is about as beautiful as a song can get.

Detheme by Dethklok. I'm pretty sure the opening lyrics to this song are something like: "Jubbley juh juh jub jub."
The Former Millionaire by The Eames Era. This is just a really fun pop song.

Easter Parade by Emmy the Great. A beautifully blasphemous song.
Rain by Bishop Allen. This entire album is actually really good. Jannica supplied Bess with all of their albums so she would be prepared to see them back in October.

Dance Music by The Mountain Goats. I think I actually put this song on repeat for about an hour one day. It was my first Mountain Goats song, and I think I'm a fan.
First Day of My Life by Bright Eyes. This is a beautiful song with a beautiful video as well.

Strange Powers The Shins covering a Magnetic Fields song. I downloaded the Magnetic Fields version as well, and though it's good I think I prefer this one. Feel free to argue with me over it.
Our Life is Not a Movie, or Maybe by Okkervil River. This song is fantastic, in a sad, emotionally moving way.

Put There By The Land (Live) by The Great Lake Swimmers. This is off of a Free live EP, and all the songs are great. I need to look into hearing more of these guys.
Left and Leaving by The Weakerthans. Who would have guessed that the former lead-singer of Propagandhi could put together such poetic and beautiful songs?

Star Mile by Josh Radin. This is a perfect break-up song.
Grip Like a Vice by The Go Team. I don't think I'm cool enough, black enough, or female enough to like this song, but for some reason I just can't get enough of it.

Rootless Tree by Damien Rice and Lisa Hannigan (Explicit lyrics warning!) I didn't think it was possible to make the "F" word sound so pretty.
West Coast by Coconut Records. I fell in love with this song and later found out it is Jason Schwartzman's post Phantom Planet endeavor. I actually bought the album which was pretty mediocre, but this song is fun to listen to. I'm sure some TV show will use it for their credits and I'll be sick of it by 2009.

Lets Talk About Spaceships by Say Hi to Your Mom. This is a great song by a fairly obscure little band (which is actually called "Say Hi" now). I picked up the album and it was a lot of the same (songs that made me reminiscent and happy at the same time).
Still in Monochrome by Pop Unknown. I don't know if this song is good or not, but I sure listen to it a lot. It's a good one to sing when you are driving by yourself.

To get all the songs at once click here.


riggity said...

I haven't heard of so much of that. but I think I should b/c the stuff i have heard, I love. I love first day of my life, I love life is not a movie (that whole album is really quite good). plus more.

oh, and while you are cool enough, i agree that you are neither female nor black enough (just generally you know). you should work on both of those things.

Jenny May said...

I really enjoy "The Funeral"
by Band of Horses -
Maybe now you might find me just a
little tiny bit cooler for knowing
the band - OK so maybe
not for having just said that...

Mr. Nelson said...

This is great. I love to hear knew stuff. Thanks for sharing.