Friday, December 07, 2007

Rain, Rain

Poor Harriett and her friend Tessa walked home from school today in the pouring rain. She was soaked through but in good spirits. A snack of hot chocolate and popcorn was all she needed to warm up. (Please ignore our neighbours white trash yard. There is nothing better than looking across to street to a broken down truck on the lawn.)


SandyKay said...

I don't know how Harriett got to be such a grown-up girl. I think I should return that giant stuffed teletubby I got her for Christmas..

just kidding.

Anonymous said...

Hey Bess- It's Becca! No I didn't drop of the face of the earth. I'm alive and kickin' in Hawaii. We have lived here 2 years with 4 more to go. Josh is still in the Air Force. I got in touch with Nat and through her blog saw yours. Your family is so beautiful, congrats on the new baby! If you want you can email me at

I miss you terribly and often think of what a great times we had! Lots of Love!

Noelle Olpin said...

what's with the hood? Across from us there is a blanket shredded by Baxter and other neighborhood dogs who wander by. The pieces are now buried under the snow thankfully. It's been there since before Thanksgiving... some shredded bits still there, the rest blew away- into our yard and perhaps your too. What the crap?!

Bess said...

I have been wondering if your neigbours were ever going to clean up that blanket. Such a nice addition to the neighbourhood.

CarrieAnne said...

Just don't check out our house. ;-) At least we got most of the crap off our lawn..and there has never been a broken down truck.

But the server rack....? What's that about?

Bess said...

Our house doesn't always have the best looking front lawn either but the restaurant table puts their front yard over the top. At one point they had that, a broken dryer, broken car and tires just hanging out. Oh the beauty. I am thinking of paying someone to 'steal' that darned table.