Thursday, November 01, 2007

The costumes

We had a good Halloween. As you can see Harriett was a witch and Henri was a housewife. They both had a tonne of fun trick or treating around Micah's work and around our great neighbourhood.

Oh that smile!

Our little girl Henrietta.

Henri, Harriett and neighbour Tessa.

Me and Micah just because we are so good looking.


sarah said...

The housewife costume is the best thing ever.

jen prokhorov said...

you really are good looking. but really, that housewife is awesome. i was like, did they have another daughter i forgot about???

Sarah C said...

Love the housewife! Very pretty. Henri's stunned look is probably the best part. Nice to see little Micah isn't the only little boy you like to cross-dress!

bevalicious said...

i love these halloween pics!
they look adorable!