Monday, October 22, 2007

Ken and Harry

I read two interesting articles/interviews this morning and I wanted to share them. The first is an interview with Ken Jennings. If you don't recall he was the dude who won three million dollars on Jeopardy a few years ago. He also happens to be LDS and I think he is hilarious. Read what he has to say about religion, his new book and Mitt Romney. I hope non Mormons and Mormons alike will like this. I have a huge crush on him that may have clouded my judgment.

The second is from a Design Mom who went and saw JK Rowling speak at Carnegie Hall. She gave a synopsis of some of the questions that JK answered about some of the Harry Potter characters. Don't read it if you plan on reading the books. There isn't anything life shattering but I am a nerd and love to know all I can, especially when if come straight from the authors mouth.


Hutchinsons said...

Those were both very interesting - thanks for the links. Stacy

The Richards in Canada said...

Thanks for sharing! I loved the books. Well written.

SandyKay said...

Oh wow, I love Ken Jennings now, too. Do you think he'd buy me a house?