Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Happy Food

I am not sure if I have mentioned this in a previous post but my sister Jenny is getting married this summer. Congratulations to her:) She is getting married in Halifax, Nova Scotia. She is also having a reception there and a reception where we grew up. I am very excited for her. And I am also very excited to go home. Going home brings me to the reason for this post. Food. My taste buds are dying for the many things I miss from my growing up days. Don't get me wrong there are no good restaurants in Sussex and I already make most of my mom's recipes that I enjoyed in my growing up years. What I really miss are the calorie, and preservative heavy goodies that aren't available in the U.S. or western Canada for that matter.

These lovely things are Mrs Dunsters Donuts. Half cake, half donut, half heaven. They even have whole wheat donuts. I actually like them better. Ohhhhhh I could eat them all day every day.

Pizza Delight is a chain pizza joint. Their pizza isn't fabulous or anything but they make the best and I mean the best garlic cheese fingers. I have made respectable replicas of these cheesy fingers but have never gotten them quite right. I used to be a cook for them so you'd think I could of figured it out by now. So good.

This is the store front for the Cream Puff Bakery, home of the most divine Oatmeal Date cookies. I couldn't find any pictures of the cookies but I promise they are amazing. It has a yummy date filling sandwiched between two lightly spiced very soft oatmeal cookies.

Many of you non Canadians may have heard of Tim Hortons donuts. It is a donut store franchise. The donuts are better than many chain donuts but nothing spectacular. The real donut goodness comes from the many memories of eating there. Walking to Tim's at lunch when I was in junior high, ( a few times skipping class to get a yummy crocodile pastry) late night donut runs and hanging out there when nothing else was open. Many hours of eating and talking and laughing. It was a fun hang out. Thinking back I am sure we were those obnoxious kids that everybody hated and still do.

These Vachon Cakes are the Canadian equivalent of Hostess Snack cakes only so much freaking better. The Flakie (fourth one over) is my favourite.

Lastly there is the Deep N Delicious chocolate cake made by McCains. Just a frozen chocolate cake you can buy at the supermarket. Chocolate processed yumminess.

So as you can see I will need to loose about 15 pounds before I go home so I can enjoy all these tasty treats without feeling too guilty and without getting too fat.
Thanks for getting married Jenny.


Anonymous said...

WHAT are you doing to me, Bess??? My cholesterol is going up just from looking at the pictures.

Natalie said...

I am hungry now. Those all look so good!

riggity said...

wow. if there's one thing you canadians do much, much better than your southern neighbors, it is processed, big chain food. US big chain food sucks. US "mom and pop" food rules (I'm sure canadia mom and pop food rules too, cause it all rules). but man, you guys know how to do processed junk food.

minus the ketchup chips. seriously. vomit. I swear.

Sarah C said...

Bess, you are making me hungry for Canada. So, I dig the dill pickle chips and some of the other Canadian goodies you have introduced me to, but some like the cow tails I believe you have to develop a taste for at a young age.When I first met you I was so happy to find another woman who could eat like I could. Have fun at the wedding ( Yea Jenny!) and go for it! Eat! Enjoy! Remember!

Bess said...

Yes I love most of our flavoured potato chips as well. My favourite is Sour Cream and Bacon.
I am with you Jeremy, I don't like the ketchup chips.

Anonymous said...

Well its nice you miss home for the right reasons just joking but what ever happened to sticky buns ... good blog Bess love ya Dad

Bess said...

Hey Dad,
I tried to find pictures of the Sticky Buns but I couldn't remember the name of the place. I was definitely thinking about them though. I hope to eat those when I come home. Maybe we can all go golfing again.

Jenny May said...

Well it is a shame not everyone at the reception will be traveling home from the US. It would make the choosing of what to serve that much easier. Though I did promise you some Oatmeal cookies. I introduced Patrick to them a few months ago and got some before heading to a movie. We ate all of them during the movie. Or was that me who ate all of them.
AHH Sticky Buns. I think that is a good idea. Have a golf thing a few days before. I have a few friends also coming who love golf and it would be fun to have a wedding "party" (or friends) golfing event. Also a good way for everyone to see Funday.. ohhh I love that idea.. a Funday Day with golf and hiking and lawn bowling... and Sticky Buns.. Yes I think it is a must.
Off to the gym.. running and yoga my two new addictions (thankfully so I can continue to enjoy our Canadian "junk food")

Micah said...

Now I'm really bummed that I'm not going. That sounds like a lot of fun. We never got sticky buns when we went to Fundy, I think the place was closed.

The Richards in Canada said...

I'll eat some Sour Cream and bacon chips for you!!
You have to admit the sour cream glazed donuts are pretty good...did I ever tell you that I worked at Tim Hortons???

Anonymous said...

Hi Bess,
I love your website. I feel like I haven't missed a thing in the past few years! You have a beautiful family.
Congrats to Jenny!
And don't forget the dill pickle and ketchup chips!

Heather said...

Hey Bess,
What a mouthwatering description of all of the delectable food available in Sussex!

I have to say I sampled many Vachon cakes during my 12 years of school. Not to mention Mrs. Dunster's donuts (my dad loves those) and of course Baxter's mini-sips.

My brother is very excited that they've just opened a Pizza Delight in Calgary... Edson has requested that we head to Pizza Delight next time we're home in Sussex as he still hasn't been there!

Congrats to Jenny on her upcoming wedding!

... the nutritionist :)

PS For all of you non-Canadians, we now have a new flavour of chips - Sea Salt and Pepper. They are seriously the best!