Wednesday, September 13, 2006

On Summer

Summer is coming to an end (even though it is supposed to be 91 degrees today). I guess it is technically coming to an end. Anyhow, it was a great summer. I got to see my friend Julie Deford and family. I hadn't seen Julie for three years and her family for five years. It was a great visit. I also got to see my friend Karen and her children. I hadn't seen her in over five years. It was a treat. I also saw my friend Janell who currently resides in Australia. The thing I love about good friends is how natural it is to be together even when you haven't seen them in forever.
On the family front Micah's family was entirely together for Jared and Maya's wedding so that was great. And my Mom and sister Jenny were just here for a visit. Harriett and Henri are lucky if they get to see my mom once a year. I wish it was more. That is what happens when you live thousands of miles away. It was a fun visit though.
Unfortuneately I have no proof that any of these visits happened. I failed to get any pictures (besides the wedding) of any of our friends and family visiting us here.
Instead you can enjoy this picture of Henri. Ride em girly cowboy!

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Micah said...

We seriously need some video of Henri on that horse. That pic doesn't do justice to his rodeo skills.