Friday, February 24, 2006

Old News (With Pictures)

I made these images of our house literally months ago and intended to put them up but never did. One is the basic layout of our house with the built-in fixtures (sinks, cabinets, shelving, etc.) the other two images show our current living room/dining room set up vs. my proposed set up. Feel free to make comments or suggestions for the house or the living room. Thanks.


riggity said...

I like the current set up. very roomy. no clutter.

Mom West said...

Regarding your living room--maybe a couch.

Micah said...

[Official Responses]

Jeremy- I didn't include the two cardboard boxes filled with DVD's.

Mom- Please read this entry

bill said...

hey micah, what kind of software did you make that with? i don't read your blog very thoroughly (besides trying the faux ham trick--wickedly rewarding on fast sunday), so i don't know what you do professionally. draw pictures of living rooms?

bill of kelsey and bill dot com

Micah said...

Hey Bill, I used Photoshop for the living room comp. I'm horrible with perspective, that's why everything is so off kilter.

Right now, professional living room drawing isn't paying the bills, so I'm doing some side work as a graphic designer.

I work here, for these nice people.