Friday, December 16, 2005

Week at a Glance

If I were to sum up this week as quickly as possible it would look something like this:

1- Two cases of the flu (Harriett and Micah)
2- One trip to the Children's Museum in Salt Lake
3- Two work Christmas parties
4- One room and one hallway floored
5- One yeast infection (Henri)
6- One "vomit" incident on our new couch (Harriett)
7- Two Christmas bonuses (Micah and Bess)
8- Three immunizations (Henri)
9- Nine Christmas presents purchased
10- Zero hours of television watched
11- Two plates of questionable prune and fig flavored gnocchi
12- One Christmas tree purchased
13- Two cute kids:


Marcie said...

Soooo sweet

bev said...

you seriously do have the cutest kids in the world!!

Anonymous said...

how are u. such cute babies. feel like i should have one as well noe. aww

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