Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Big Changes (in Seating)

So, We got the house. We are very excited, mostly because we get to throw away our old "couch" since we can finally fit a proper couch in our house.

Here is our current "couch":

Don't let the cool appearance fool you, anyone who has actually sat on it can attest that it is the most uncomfortable couch of all time. In addition to that it's also really poorly made, it started to come apart the first week we had it. The moral to this story is: Never buy a couch without sitting on it first.

However, we have purchased a new couch, after spending quite a while sitting on it in the store, and even laying on it (good suggestion Dad):

We are excited to spend many hours not eating or watching TV on this new couch. And maybe people will come visit us more often, now that they have a semi-comfortable place to sit down once they show up.

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